Friday, January 15, 2010


Maida - 1 ½ cup
Egg(optional) - 1 no s
Sugar - as required
Water - as required
Coconut grated - ½ cup
Salt - to taste
Ghee - for spreading

How to Prepare:


1. Break the egg into flour, blend then with enough salt and water, make a medium thick batter by adding enough water. You can avoid adding egg if you don’t like. The batter should be without lumps. (If you like cardamom flavor, can add while blending).
2. Heat a pan/griddle; pour one or two ladle full of batter .spread it using the back side of ladle. Do it carefully.
3. When one side is cooked flip it over and pours little ghee (1/4 tsp or more) over it .When the other side too cooked, remove from griddle, and keep on plate.
4. Put grated coconut, sugar over it and fold.
5. Serve hot with tea.


  1. hi reshmi...this is my first visit to ur blog...u have a nice blog with awesome recipes...this crepes recipe is very nice n quick...nice n easy stuffing 2...vl follow u so that i can visit u often now to get more good recipes.

  2. thanks siddhi...thanks to visit my blog friend..