Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hey……this is a simple and small recipe especially for working women. As in day today life everyone were busy to make at least one or two curries for daily lunch and they will become tired by making this. For that I thought to help these ladies to do less work in their kitchen and can spent a little more time with their family….so this is the recipe for all working ladies, oooooooops!!!!!!!! Naaaaaaaaaa…..for everyone who love to spent not much time in kitchen
You can use this recipe with Rice and Yoghurt ,”Otherwise also can use it okkkkkk...hehehe….”

1. Shallots -6 to 7 no’s
2. Green chilly -2nos
3. Red chilly -2nos
4. Tamarind -a small piece
5. Salt -1/2tsp
6. Water -1/2cup
7. Coconut oil -1tsp

How to Make:

1. Take a small steel vessel put the shallots and green chilly in that and crush it. You can use crusher also.
2. Take the red chilly and burn the chilly in direct flame and after burning take of the flame and put that along with the crushed green chilly and shallots again crush once with hands.
3. Add water into this crushed texture, then add tamarind piece and salt( if u like u can squeeze the tamarind now) and mix well with hands.
4. Serve it by adding coconut oil on the top of texture.

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  1. Oh Great..... The one stuff which i love the most .... Vella Chorum ...Thyrum .. Chalippum ...hmmm vayil vellam verunu :)