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Saturday, August 16, 2014


1.       All Purpose Flour                                                              - ½ cup

2.       Corn Flour                                                                          - 1 tsp

3.       Eno Fruit Salt                                                                     - 1/2 tsp

4.       Vinegar or Lime Juice                                                    - ¼ tsp

5.       Dahi or Yoghurt                                                                - 1 tsp

6.       Water                                                                                - 6 tbsp

7.       Food color (lemon yellow)                                           - a pinch

8.       Refined Oil                                                                       - as needed


9.       For Sugar Syrup:

10.   Sugar                                                                                     - ¾ Cup

11.   Water                                                                                   - 1/3 cup

12.   Saffron                                                                                   - a pinch

13.   Rose water (optional)                                                    - ½ spoons

14.   Cardamom powder                                                         - a pinch


15.   Preparation:


16.   In bottom thick pan add sugar and water, stir this continuously, when it comes boil, put the flame into medium heat and stir it until it becomes a thick and sticky consistency. Simmer it and add cardamom powder, rose water and saffron a pinch when it becomes boil .And switch off the flame and keep it aside. Let it to be cool.

17.   In a Bowl ,Add All Purpose Flour ,add corn flour ,yoghurt ,give a nice mix it ,then add vinegar ,slowly add water into it and stir it ,then add yellow food color ,and mix it. The batter should be in a creamy consistency. Then add eno fruit salt finally and mix it.

18.   Pour this batter into a sauce bottle.

19.   Take a  Frying Pan  add any refined oil in it ,allow it to get hot ,When the oil gets hot ,slowly pour the batter into the hot oil and fry it both the sides about 2 minutes and take it out and keep it in a paper towel for few seconds ,allow it to cool and again  put this jalebi into  the sugar syrup and flip both the sides and take it out to serve in a plate.

20.   Serve it hot or cold.